Take a turn left

         Take a turn right

                 Turn around

                                Make sure that

earth is round

 What comes around

Goes around



Your eyes so red! 
deep red
blood red
red & red!
red like a baby sun
red like straw-berries
red like red cherries
Tell me what do you do to your eyes?
I am addicted once I see them!

Care for you Cellphone!

Guys there,

I am also a mobile Technician! And I am engaged in this field and have experience of more than 2 years!
Truly ; cellphones are greatest wireless discoveries in the world of networks and communications!

Like me! I know! No one can imagine their lives without internet and cell phones.

And when cell phone means this much to us! We should also keep it loved , cared, and safe. This is why,

I am sharing about 10 things you should do in order to care for your gadgets and cell phones especially.

1.Do not use your cell phones while charging! This over- heats your device and causes problems no just to hardware also the problems regarding the health.
In android particularly , we hear many news of blast!

2.Do not charge your cell phone continuously for hours. This decreases the life of battery.
Also do not use till the charge dies to zero.

3.We human use clothes and different outfits in order to care for ourselves! Like wise! Care for you cell phone and avoid scratches and damages by keeping the outer covers and glasses covers!

4.Keep your RAM to the sound weight. If RAM spaces exceeds more than 50 to 60% . the device will slow down. Its good to use external storage devices!

5.If any day your device gets showered in water or falls into some liquid. Do not try to start it.
Let it dry completely.
If you try to start it, the chances of getting repaired are lessened.

6.Do not use you cell phone whole day and night. This damages your eyes and creates heart problems.

7.Download antivirus for your cell phone, if it doesn’t come in- built 
There are plenty in stores like : cm security, tap one boost, Mobile versions of Kasper sky , n similar others.
8.Do not use your cell phone til it gets overheated and emits heat.
Let it cool for while!

9.Avoid larger software’s and large files, esp suiting to the notebooks,
This causes the performance of cell to deteriorate!

10.So, dear ones!
Cell phone is like one of your love! So love it and care for it.

Because they say!
Love is to be loved!
Love is to be cared
Love is to b looked after
Only then it becomes LOVE

Stay safe and fine until the next post dears and darlings!



If pain could rain
         No one would be insane
But pain doesn’t rain
              And I dream in-vain
Pain is just pain
               It’s going to pain
Until and unless
                The pain gets its name
                                  Its fame

April 5,2016